Solutions & Services

EcoServ Solutions is one of the few companies, focussed in complete product development capability further by adding value in bringing the best available technology to build Simple, Cost effective, High Reliable and Energy efficient products. Our strong multi domain Engineering team have vast experience in solar power plant design, High quality lights, and Energy management solutions. We work closely with many technology partners to bring all the combined experience in providing optimal and cost effective solution.

Product Engineering Facility

Optics Design

LEDs offer excellent opportunity to be used as alternate lighting system for dozens of application due to its high efficiency and compactness. The light from LED has to be used efficiently to harness maximum light. Achieving uniform light patterns, Color mixing, and required beam patterns from a point source requires involvement of experienced optical engineers. We design and select appropriate secondary optics for the high power LEDs to use maximum for various applications. All our lights are optically well engineered simulation using ray tracing tools and prototype building for comparison before bringing the product to market.

Thermal Engineering

Maintaining the junction temperature of LEDs at lowest levels plays an important role in any LED lights life and performance. Improper thermal management can reduce the life of LEDs and color shifting becomes visible. Proper thermal Engineering is required to maintain the junction temperature at lowest levels. Various methods are available like Metal heatsink, External fan, and Vents etc. to provide appropriate path for heat to dissipate. All our lights are designed for excellent thermal management to ensure long life of over 50,000hrs


                           Figure 1                                                                Figure 2

Concept Development                                                        Engineering

                     Figure 3                                                   Figure 4

Analysis                                                        Qualification

Power Electronics and Embedded Design

Power electronics plays a big role in the LED lights. Our R&D team is equipped with an excellent lab facility allows us to develop high quality, high efficient and reliable drivers that can work in an erratic power conditions. All our drivers are built with Surge protection, Over voltage protection, Short circuit protection, Open circuit protection and over temperature protection. We offer electronics products those are water proof (IP67 & IP68), Compliance to IEC/EN standards.

We are associated with many external agencies, consultants and firms to bring the best technology available are affordable cost.

Application Engineering

Saving energy requires right application experience, Knowledge and Engineering skills in bringing right components together to provide cost effective. At EcoServ Solutions, we add value by providing complete Application Engineering in,

  • LED Lighting solution
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Waste management solutions
  • Wind Energy

LED Lighting solution

EcoServ Solutions is equipped with state of art photometry tools like Photogoniometer to generate photometry output like IES/ELMUDAT files for doing comparative analysis. We provide complete light engineering for specific requirement with the help of software tools like Dialux, Relux that can give optimal output in the form of

  1. Iso-Lux graph
  2. Zonal lumen summary
  3. Light density in terms of W/Sq-ft

Lighting Simulation                                    IsoLux report

Solar Power Solutions

EcoServ Solutions provide comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions that can provide excellent alternate energy solutions for various applications like Street lighting, Rooftops, Solar Farms etc. By integrating technologies and expertise across the complete energy management domain, EcoServ Solutions deliver predictable and cost effective solutions for the current and future energy demands.

Our standard solar power solutions and services

  1. Roof top solar power solutions for small house to large office building with off grid and grid-tie design solutions
  2. Solar car ports
  3. Standard solar power pack with battery backup for small office ranging from 2kW to 10kW
  4. Solar water pumps for agricultural applications
  5. Solar integrated with LED lighting and Building management for optimized Energy management solutions
  6. Standard products like Trackers, Solar structures, Charge controllers, and Electronics
  7. Centralized and Standalone solar street lights

Our Extended Solar Power services

  • Standard products for specific application
  • Turnkey solar solutions like project assessment, installation requirements & qualification and metering
  • AMC of solar power plants
  • Special solar product development suitable for specific application to specific client

Energy Management Systems

Integrated Energy Management Systems monitors and manages various elements of the building such as HVAC, Lighting, Lifts, Fire alarm systems and Security surveillance systems with key features like,

  1. Information of electrical use interms of simple graphs
  2. Energy consumption monitoring
  3. Real time trends in energy consumption.